For Best Results

In order for us to accommodate you to the best of our ability, we have a few tips to consider when booking your appointment:


Arriving a few minutes early is always a good idea.


The salon can be very busy at times, and we do not have a front desk receptionist. Please make sure that you let someone know you have arrived, and who you are in to see. (Even if it’s your first time in, or you have to notify someone other than your regular stylist. We don’t bite… I promise)


Color Consultations are complementary. When getting a color service for the first time, or if you are making a drastic change to your current color, talk to your stylist first before booking. We can work out the details of what you are looking for, and make sure there is enough time to accommodate you.


Be aware that some specialty color services require more than the standard color processing time. Vivid colors like blue and green may take up to 4+ hours to achieve. Make sure that you have discussed with your stylist that you are making a big change before you book your appointment.


Same goes for making a big change with your haircut. All stylists at Hair Party are trained to cut hair for donations. Please be mindful that a drastic change to your hair’s length requires more time than a standard haircut appointment. Let your stylist know ahead of time, and they will gladly assist you with your makeover.